Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day Two Aquarius

Today was a long day. We studied how to escape from the habitat in different types of emergencies. This included fire and loss of power. No Mr. Peek drill though.  We had to be able to tell where emergency flashlights were located as well as portable breathing devices. These are all over the habitat in special places to be easily accessible wherever you are in the Hab.

Day Two

We started practicing with a double scuba tank setup. These are new to me but give double the air.  They weigh about 100 pounds each.

 We also worked on emergency procedures in case someone gets hurt both in the water and in the Hab. This includes how to share your own air with another person by switching off the mouth piece. This has to be done with masks on and with them off.  The salt water really stings.

 We are also leaning to tie different knots. I feel like a Boy Scout again. Additionally, we have to learn how to use certain rope tugs to communicate with the surface. They do get a bit confusing at the moment.

  The weather is keeping us from diving too much but we hope tomorrow we get to go back out and practice.  We can't go down to the habitat until we pass all the tests.  This includes a HUGE math test with many tables to use to get information.  Getting a problem wrong on these means you could die.  I show all my work!!!! I also double and triple check everything.  Hint....hint

Finally, all the scientists and I got to go over how the experiments will be conducted. It was very fun to see how they followed the scientific method to develop their plans to collect the data. I am hoping for lots of sharks!

Missing all of you!

If you go to google maps and type in Aquarius reef base, you can "walk" around and go up inside the habitat!!!

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