Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day eight

  Sunday and Monday were days off here at the base. It was nice to relax, However today (Tuesday) it was back to work. We went out to the habitat area for test dives and emergency drills. Diving with double tanks is a bit more the single tanks I am used to. These weigh  over 100 pounds. You always need help getting in and out of the water.

We were diving right in the area of the habitat but we could not see it.. The Life Support Buoy was right next to us. This is a floating buoy that sends down air, electricity, Internet, and radio to the habitat. As we were diving, the support boat crew was bringing down food and other items for the upcoming week.

 I have to finish packing items tonight for them to take down for me. They  actually put things in giant pressurized paint cans. They pressurize these things so they can take items down to the hab so the items do not get crushed by the pressure. At the surface you have one atmosphere of pressure on your body. At 66 feet you have three atmospheres of pressure on your body.

Computer hard drives do not work well at this pressure. The pressure pushes the hard drive plates together and they get over heated and stop working. In order to use a computer, you have to have a solid state drive. One with no moving parts, like an iPad or Surface. I am even bringing my iPhone.  I am thinking of all kinds of cool science experiments we can do!

Finally, here is a cut away drawing of my new home.
Talk to you tomorrow!

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