Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday, Sept 13 Last night in the Hab

Alas, the day has come. We have started shutting down operations. We only got to have one short dive today. 8-9:55. We had to be back to start decompression. The dive was kind of short as we just had to collect the specimens. and pot away the tiles we were using.
                                                  We actually had some time to play!

  Ben and Aline decided to have a bare foot race underwater. This was really funny as it looked they were running in slow motion. Frances and I just laughed and stayed out of their way.

Ben decided to practice some high kicks.

There was also some time for a selfie! as well as a few last poses at the hab.

      I had to take one last look at the beauty around me. I truly love being underwater. This has been a great experience for me. I have met some new friends in not only the scientists Ben Binder, Alain Duran, Frances Fabaugh who answered my endless questions, and all who could outswim me but let me keep up anyway!  Also, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge all the the people that operate Aquarius. I have to take a moment to thank Alieen Soto from FIU who called and offered me the fabulous opportunity. The hab crew Mark (Otter) and Ivana (Roxy) who kept us alive and fed. Also my family and teachers back home who carried my load while I was here. I am forever grateful to all of you for making this possible

Bottom of the Life Support Buoy 

A school of about 600 hundred fish surrounding the hab

A new favorite..meet the Hog fish!

Hog Fish

    I also got to have another call back to my school. Where I got to let them ask questions about life under here. I am so looking forward to seeing them again. I do miss my family and all my students, as well as, my fellow teachers.


   I have gotten used to people being able to watch us all the time on the Internet. I always wanted to be on the show Big Brother! So hey! two big dreams in one experience!

    We sent up most of our clothes and gear. All the sonar is gone and this place looks empty. Plus we are down to our last few pots of coffee!!!!  I guess it is time to get ready to really leave.

    At four o'clock we started decompression procedures.  Decompression is where they lower the pressure in the habitat from 60' depth of pressure to 0' of pressure. They lock the big outer door,,were the potty is.... and shower. and then they slowly bring the pressure up to 0'. We have lay on our bunks and breathe 100% oxygen for an hour. Twenty minutes of O2 than five minutes regular air. This goes in three cycles for an hour total  of O2. This process helps flush out all the nitrogen that has built up in our bodies. The oxygen pushes the nitrogen out though our breathing process. This is a "kickstart" to returning to normal oxygen levels in our bodies.

Aline in bunk

Darth Vader!

We all made it!

    After the hour was over, we got to relax a bit. Our voices had returned to normal. BUT..the smell in here is getting progressively worse. As the air becomes less dense, we are smelling ourselves much "better".... 

And to answer one last question....
No Pokemon Go does not work down here.LOL  but I did try!!!
                                        Man that would have been a lot of Magi Carp!!!!
More tomorrow up in the sunshine!

                                             Aquanauts fro mission 132 Ecology of Fear!

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